Sally White

Sally White

Sally White has been a professional photographer for over 25 years. In addition to her career as a high school French and Spanish teacher, she also taught photography classes dealing with basic camera skills and photography as an art form. She retired from her role as high school teacher in 2004 at which time she began her full-time photography career.

About Me

Sally uses her camera and artistic eye to record the charm and delicacy of everyday objects. Her images reflect her unique view of the world around us through her passion to capture the color, motion, form, and texture of a moment in time. They also reflect her personal commitment to excellence in the recording and processing of an image.Her watercolor, canvas , and metallic finishes lend a painting-like quality to her photos, enhancing their visual appearance.

Sally’s collection of photographs is continually being augmented by new and fresh images crafted in her intimate style.

An award winning photographer, Sally’s photography has been exhibited in many venues, including art fairs, photography exhibitions, art galleries, and fine art stores, and has been received with acclaim. Her work has been covered by West Coast publications and her artistic abilities and reputation are being highly praised and recognized as Fine Art by an ever increasing number of admirers.